Yes! It always hurts to be tattooed. After all, the color is being deposited into your skin using needles. But tattooing never hurts so much that you cannot manage. It is very difficult to explain how much it hurts, as it is different from person to person, from place to place on the body, and even from time to time. The more relaxed and easy you feel, the more easy the process is.

Remember that the pain is part of the process! A tattoo is not a simple transfer. It marks you as a person who is special, and who has some degree of endurance.

Dont bother about anesthetics of any kind, and never mix tattooing with alcohol. Being drunk while being tattooed to lessen the pain is just an old myth, and absolutely no good.

It hurts most places of the body, more so where youre most sensitive to touch. Again, this is different for different people. NEVER bother about where it hurts most when deciding where to place a tattoo. The hurting is limited, mainly to the mere process of getting the tattoo. And it is much more important that you place the tattoo where you want it, and where it feels most natural to you. After all, youll enjoy it for the rest of your life.

The price depends on the amount of time needed to tattoo, the size, and the complexity of the piece. Our shop minimum is $60. Pieces that take more than one session will be paid by the session. All tattoos are paid in cash or by credit card.

Yes, it is safe to get a tattoo. We always use new, sterile needles, disposable colours, Vaseline, gloves, etc. The top layer of skin is not permanently affected by the tattoo – the ink goes deep into the lower layers, not near the surface. Where the needles have penetrated your skin a light scab will form, then peel off. Once the tattoo has healed (the healing process typically takes about a week), it is protected by a new layer of skin and becomes part of you for the rest of your life. We have never had anyone experience an allergic reaction to our pigments, which are all specifically for tattooing. If you are hypoallergenic, let us know, as we may want to make a small test dot before undertaking the main tattoo.

The tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life. If its placed well on the body, it wont change much. Of course it will look older, as will you. Colours will change slightly, lines may thicken, and fine lines may blend. Accept that an old tattoo is part of your history.

Everybody is getting tattooed. The urge to get tattooed is a basic human need and has been around basically since time began, in every kind of society. Everybody may not DARE – but the NEED is there! Thats one reason some people react negatively to seeing a tattoo: they feel the fascination, but it scares them as well.

Tattooing does not come from any particular place or country. Tattooing has been practiced as long as human beings have walked the earth. Every culture and every society across continents and millenia has a tattooing practice.

Tattoo is not fashion. Fashions change. Tattoos are permanent. Some tattoo designs have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. At Big City Tattoo we make it a habit to explore histories and cultures to find inspiration and creative renewal.

Yes, you may bring your own design! We even encourage this, since it gives US new ways of seeing things. But we reserve the right to say no.

If you want a tattoo you just have to make an appointment. We recommend that you make it well in advance and you must be over 18 years of age.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.