Cover Ups & Removal

There are two ways to deal with a no-longer-wanted tattoo: covering it with another tattoo or having it removed. Covering up an unwanted tattoo, or turning it into something new, is the cheaper option.

Cover ups can completely hide an old tattoo with a new design, or they may incorporate some elements of it into the new piece.

Depending on the saturation of the color of the existing piece, white ink may need to be applied to the original design first to lighten it before proceeding with the cover up.

Poorly applied, very faded, or very light tattoos are the easiest to cover, but we can help you with anything youre unhappy with. Our artists have the talent to help you envision a cover up, and the skill and experience to apply it so that it doesnt look like one.

Samples of cover up work can be found in each artists portfolio.

The removal process requires multiple steps and careful consideration; the complexity of the process and time required for completion varies by person and tattoo. If youre considering removal, please contact us for a consultation.